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Chapter 7: Investigation Empty Chapter 7: Investigation

Thu Mar 16, 2023 11:45 am
The helicopter was approaching the ground quickly. The seated people were kept in their places only because of their safety belts. Aurore and Edgar each held one of the bars on the sides of the helicopter door.

 - "When we touch the ground, we will first go out and then open the door for you again when it's safe. Each of you will guide his mother to the house with Aurore." Said Edgar, looking at Ivan and Darian.

The two young men answered with a nod.

The helicopter landed, and immediately Edgar and Aurore opened the door, got out, and closed it again. This was followed by a moment of silence during which Darian and Ivan opened the belts of everyone on board.

 - "Are we going to get an explanation?" Asked Klara, Ivan's mother.
 - "Soon, Mom, we will explain everything very soon." Said Ivan.

As the helicopter's door suddenly opened again, Darian and his family saw Edgar showing them the direction to their house. Over there, Aurore was waiting for them. They ran and entered the house as Aurore indicated. Shortly after, Edgar joined them again and said :

 - "I think everyone can relax a bit. Whoever came here and masked their presence is not very close anymore."
 - "I am sorry, sir. Can we just explain why we have to hide on our own farm? There are definitely things I missed, I believe." Asked Klara.

Edgar sighed, he looked at Ivan and Darian and made them understand that it was their role. During that look, Darian noticed that Edgar's skin tone was lighter. He was tanned before by no means, but it looked like Edgar became more white during the last hour. It did not look unhealthy since his lips and eyes looked completely fine. Particularly, the contrast between his skin and the dark blue suit was visibly greater. The thought that struck Darian was that Edgar's skin was almost as pale as Aurore and Hypernova's.

The next few minutes were spent by the family sitting in the living room with Darian and Ivan doing their best to explain everything to their mothers and Edgar and Aurore standing in front of the two possible entrances of the house and keeping their attention focused. Edgar was convinced that something would happen very soon.

During his explanation, Darian carefully avoided saying anything more than what Ivan and Edgar know that he knows. The main concern Darian had was related to the fact that he knew for sure that some supernatural powers were involved in the "secret side" of the world, but he did not realize how big they were and what was possible and what was not. He may have been discovered a long time ago by some mind reader. Or his lie will soon be revealed when they meet someone like this.

After almost an hour of waiting and trying to figure out things in his mind while answering the questions, his mother, Darian, saw Aurore tensing up.

 - "Captain, I feel a relatively powerful human approaching from the south, alone." Said Aurore.
 - "How strong?" Asked Edgar.
 - "3 or 4 stars." Answered Aurore

Edgar looked perplexed. He took a deep breath and said.

 - "Let's all go out, we cannot leave you inside, and I do not feel like going alone. In any case, stay behind Aurore and me. Also, execute anything I say without any delay."

The whole family answered this message with a look of concern and understanding.

The whole group then proceeded to go out from the main door, and in front of them were two men, to the surprise of Edgar and Aurore. Both men were dressed in black with a uniform in two parts. Black and relatively tight pants and a long, loose top extending down and almost covering their knees. The sleeves even covered their palms.

The first one stood slightly in front of the other. He was bald, with thick black eyebrows and almond-shaped black eyes. He had tanned skin that you only get in hot regions. His body expressed a healthy lifestyle. He was tall and somewhat on the light side when it came to weight. It was hard to estimate his age because he had no hair or beard. But his demeanor and the light wrinkles indicated he was at least in his late thirties or early forties.

The second man was way younger. Probably a teenager, even. He also had dark eyes, thick eyebrows, and no beard. But his hair was a furnished mane of curly hair that fell on his shoulder. He looked more determined and angry than the other one.

Aurore and Edgar faced them, a bit less than 10 meters away. Behind them were Darian and Ivan, and behind those two were their mothers. Aurore whispered to Edgar, loud enough for Darian and Ivan to hear :
 - "The younger one is the one I sensed. I do not sense the other one."
 - "Be careful, the older one is definitely the threat here." Answered Edgar while also looking behind him.

After a short moment of silence, the bald man started talking with a slight accent:

 - "Hi everyone, my name is Rami. I come here in the name of my king, Khalid Al-Malik. I conduct an investigation into the disappearance of two people. Seeing that the Pendragons are already on it, I assume you already know something. Can you answer a few questions for us?"
 - "I am Edgar, royal guard for the Pendragon family and loyal servant of Queen Serene, the first Pendragon. Before you ask your question, I would like to indicate that I will protect these people behind me with my life as I was ordered to. You can now ask any question you want."
 - "Very well, it will not be very long, and we would also like to avoid useless blood spilling. Can we come closer?" Said Rami
 - "Yes, you can." Answered Edgar.

The few steps they took felt like they were in slow motion and it could be supposed that Edgar tensed up. Aurore stayed the same and looked pretty confident. Darian, his mother, and Klara were panicking, but Ivan kept calm and observed the situation calmly.

 - "For the sake of transparency, I have to say that any lie you might say starting now will be considered an offense on my king and will be used against you and your nation in case of a trial in the eyes of the laws of the Tajammu-al-Mumtaz." Said Rami

After a short break, the teenager next to said him something in a language Darian's side did not understand. When Rami nodded, the boy's eyes changed colors and went from a dark brown to a brilliant and robust green, a color you would only see in very well-maintained golf courts.

 - "We should keep all the exchanges in this language." Said Edgar.
 - "Do not order us. Know your place, guard." Said the younger boy before spitting on the floor.

Aurore shivered and showed that she did not like this behavior. Rami gave a slap on the boy's head and said :
 - "I am sorry for his behavior. This will not happen again. And he will now only talk in your language as long as this exchange stays friendly."
 - "Thank you very much. Will we also get to ask you questions when you ask yours?" Said Edgar
 - "Let's agree that you may ask as many questions as we asked once we finish. Is it fair to you?" Asked Rami
 - "Yes it is. Please, ask your questions." Said Edgar.
 - "Where are the bodies of Skander and Zarek?" Asked Rami, now very serious and cold.
 - "They are buried not far from here in the field. These two boys should know exactly where." Answered Edgar.

Darian and Ivan nodded. At the same time, Rami turned to the boy who nodded next to him.

 - "Which one of you is Hypernova's link now?" Asked Rami

Darian's heartbeat accelerated, and Edgar tensed even more as his skin turned noticeably paler.

 - "We have reasons to believe that Hypernova's link is still hiding and did not change. So, none of us is Hypernova's link." Answered Edgar.

The boy started talking in his language, but Rami looked at him to indicate him to speak English.

 - "Sorry. The man behind you, Edgar, is very stressed. I believe he knows something more. Can you answer?" Said the boy, pointing at Darian.
 - "He does not know anything more. He is just easily stressed." Answered Edgar
 - "Okay, I can believe that." Said the boy
 - "Very well. Last question for today: Who killed Skander and Zarek?" Said Rami, again, very coldly.
 - "Hypernova did." Answered Edgar.
 - "Bullshit!" Screamed the boy.
 - "Zahid, calm down. Did he lie?" Asked Rami
 - "No, he did not." Said the boy, swallowing his frustration.
 - "Very well. You now have three questions for us. And we will take, for free, the short trip to the corpses of my friends." Said Rami.
 - "My friend here can sense strong people, and I can tell you are strong. So my first question is: Why cannot she sense you, Rami?" Said Edgar.
 - "Can I really answer this in front of those people?" Asked Rami.
 - "Yes, please." Answered Edgar.
 - "It has to do with my powers. I am a deviant." Said Rami.
 - "Do you have many of those deviants on your side?" Asked Aurore, concerned.
 - "Is this your next question?" Asked Rami.
 - "Yes, it is." Said Edgar.
 - "We do not know for sure what you would consider as many. But we have a higher number of deviants than we estimate in other factions." Answered Rami.
 - "But the boy also has some perceptive ability akin to a deviant. How can I perceive him then?" Asked Aurore
 - "I will assume this is your last question. I guess your definition of deviant is not exactly the same as mine. It is normal for me that this boy is a deviant and that you can still sense him. He can still do the - common tricks." Said Rami, emphasizing the last words.
 - "Those were your three questions. Now get us to the bodies. Quickly." Said Zahid.
 - "Aurore, you stay here. The young master and I will lead them to the location of the bodies." Said Edgar
 - "I want to come too." Said Ivan.
 - "It is dangerous. You stay here." Said Edgar.
 - "I know, but it will be easier for Aurore to only protect my mothers in case they have another deviant she cannot sense and I can handle myself." Said Ivan

Darian was impressed at how fast Ivan found this argument.

 - "Alright, me and the boys will accompany you to the bodies, and after recovering them, you will leave this land. Is this our agreement?" Asked Edgar.
 - "Yes." Said Rami

The 5 men immediately went in the same direction, led by Darian. Aurore and the mothers went back inside the house.
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