The Dreamer
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Chapter 5: The Dreamer Empty Chapter 5: The Dreamer

Thu Feb 23, 2023 11:33 am
Sleeping on demand was quite challenging for Darian. Mainly because he slept for a full day and had so much tension built up during that interview with those people. He remembered reading about a method soldiers use to sleep anywhere, anytime. Darian's brain was full of those pieces of information since, during the last 2 years, he prepared himself as best as he could to replace his dad at the front. He laid on his back, tried his best to have steady breathing, and then started trying the method for falling asleep.

After a few deep breaths, his pulse decreased, and he started relaxing. After another few deep breaths, he started feeling Morpheus' arms around him. This was way easier than how he remembered it to be. After just a short moment, Darian was sleeping.

After recognizing the exact same setup as his last dream, Darian screamed:

- "Hypernova! Are you here?"

Even after 10 seconds, there was no answer. Darian started fearing he might have to endure the same torture as last time. He contemplated the pure whiteness surrounding him and decided he would try to visit this seemingly infinite space. Darian did not know how to move at first, but by focusing his mind on wanting to move ahead, he finally started slowly floating in the wanted direction. Then he tried turning right, left, and finally, after a few more minutes, he managed to go backward. Flying was fun but quite weird. So Darian, again, focused his mind and tried to stand on something hard. And, indeed, he started feeling a floor beneath him. It felt great. But when he attempted to step ahead, he felt like falling before quickly floating again.

It took him what he perceived as 10 minutes to be able to walk at a slow pace in the environment around him. He had to focus enough on what was below his feet to create it, but he could not see anything nor touch it with his hands at first.

After another 20 minutes, Darian learned to run, jump, and even lay on a hard invisible surface. The same voice as last time, Hypernova, was heard :

- "Darian! I am so glad you came back!"
- "I might have made a mistake. I am sorry." Answered Darian.
- "What did you do?" Asked Hypernova.
- "You see, those people, the Pendragons -" Said Darian
- "Do not explain with your voice. Let me look into your memory." Answered Hypernova.
- "Euuh, Okay." Said Darian, perplex.

As he accepted, he felt a hot embrace coming around him. It was like hot water in the shape of two thick ropes coming from behind him, under his arms, and grabbing his head softly. Darian felt sleepy and relaxed. But this only lasted for a few seconds before Hypernova talked in a half-relieved voice :

- "I do not think they understood that we are linked. That's a good thing. At least one thing is good."
- "What? What do you mean? What does it mean to be linked? And how bad is the rest? Who are they to you exactly?" Asked Darian, full of concerns.
- "It is complicated, Darian. My memory is not at its best. But I know you are now my link, the only one I can visit, and we must protect each other." Said Hypernova.
- "Wait. Explain more. Who are you? What are you? What is this link? What do you mean by visit? Also, answer my other questions." Demanded Darian.
- "Okay, let me take your questions in a different order than how you asked them. I am Hypernova. I was not born with this name, but I do not remember my first name. When I say visit, I mean exactly what we are doing now. I, coming in your dream and being able to communicate with you in or out of your mind. What I am is not entirely clear to me either. I was a human at some point, that's for sure. But then things changed..." Said Hypernova before stopping.
- "Okay, that clarifies some things. Can you continue?" Asked Darian.
- "Sure. Give me a moment, please." Said Hypernova

Darian felt a mixture of sadness and despair in him at that moment. These emotions felt like they were flooding into him from outside.

- "It is fine, Hypernova. Take your time. I am sorry if I am asking too many questions. I just need to know." Said Darian with an emotional voice.

Hypernova took sighed loudly and resumed :

- "So, the people you talked with are the Pendragons and a few guards. I remember that they are an old and powerful family that rules the coalition in secret. Also, I think I met that old man Richard before. I told you to not trust them because the last thing my former link said to me was to not trust anyone except my next link. Also, this link can sometimes alter our judgment and make us irrational regarding matters concerning the other." Answered Hypernova.

Darian started understanding his feelings toward the unknown girl that fell from the sky. After a small silence, Hypernova resumed :

- "I do not know why you were chosen to be my link, Darian. I do not remember choosing one of my links. All I know is that I can only have one link at a time, and the only way to change is that the current link dies."

Darian immediately became very serious :

- "Fair enough. So I can assume that your old link is dead. Also, the change of links likely happens by chance when someone gets close to you at a moment when you are linkless. Otherwise, I do not see any other reason for me to be linked with you. Furthermore, judging by the number of people who entered my life since you fell into that field. I can say that you and your link are important people. Right?"
- "Yes, those are also my assumptions so far. Many people wanted my former link's powers, and they are probably still after those powers." Answered Hypernova.
- "What power do I have exactly? Is there a way to unlink us?" Questioned Darian.
- "Exactly, I do not know yet. This varies from person to person. But you can talk with me in your dreams, and if I was awake, you would have full access to my powers as the Dreamer. Also, killing one of us is the only known way to break the link. To clear out the topic of powers, during its sleep, the Dreamer can travel to other sleeping people's dreams and manipulate them to a certain degree." Claimed Hypernova.
- "To a certain degree?"
- "It highly depends on how you and I interact and on the target. I could not give you any examples since my memory is still unclear. But I know my link and I were chased before meeting you because we were too dangerous. That is why I was put to sleep." Said Hypernova.

Darian took a deep breath to assimilate all these new pieces of information. He understood that the situation got more complicated.

- "Okay, hear me out. I thought I was just helping someone who fell from the sky. Honestly, I thought it was the beginning of one of those nice stories my father used to tell me when I was younger. I would have had to send you back home, and we would be forever friends. But this sounds more like a nightmare. I am linked to you. The only way to unlink us is by killing one of us. And some terribly powerful people might want to do that soon. To make matters worse, we have been separated, and I do not see any way to wake you up and at least be able to use our power to the fullest. Do you have a plan, Hypernova? Can you do something in the real world, at least?" Said Darian, ending his monologue in an annoyed tone.
- "I am very strong Darian. Please, you have to stay hopeful. I can wake up partially, for a few seconds, from time to time. Remember what happened to those two men. I also have limited awareness of what is around my body. I can hear and feel things. To a certain degree." Said Hypernova.

Darian nodded. This was a slightly positive note. But that did not give a plan or guarantee he would stay alive.

- "Can we communicate through any other way when I am awake?" He asked.
- "As far as I know, no." She answered

Darian nervously laughed at that. He was breathing loudly and cursing. Realising that he might not even wake up from this sleep if the Pendragons figured out that he was Hypernova's link made him enraged.

- "Darian, I am sure Richard and everyone else think my previous link is still alive. He was one of the strongest men alive. It was improbable for him to die." Said Hypernova, hoping to reassure Darian.

The boy did not answer for a moment and then coldly said :

- "You do not understand. I cannot tell whether it is the link or me talking now, but I really want to help you. And what frustrates me is I do not see any way to help you. Adding insult to injury, I am very close to finally seeing my father, but it feels like it is not a given anymore."

He then continued :
- "Do you know how to wake yourself up?"
- "Not yet. I am thinking about it." She answered
- "We will find something. I promise to save you, Hypernova." Said Darian.
- "That is very heartwarming. Thank you for saying this." Said Hypernova
- "From what I understand, killing you is hard and inefficient. Correct?" Asked Darian
- "That is correct. I am tough and costly to kill. And also, it makes more sense for people to try to be my link rather than kill me. At least, if they want my powers." Answered Hypernova.
- "The men you killed are from a large organization, correct?" Asked Darian again.
- "I believe, yes. I probably knew which organisation, but we must go with guesses." Answered Hypernova.
- "They will come back for their two friends. They will at least try to understand what is happening. I think the only way we can get out of this and reunite is if I get them to fight the Pendragons over you." Said Darian.
- "This sounds like a plan, but is it okay? What if they figure out that you are the link?"
- "This is not a problem. People after your powers will only try to kill me if they have your body. Since their only way is to kill me after retrieving your body to ensure the new link is on their side. So it is a safe bet to assume they will not kill me before getting you. And hence not kill me before getting to the Pendragons. Once we are reunited, you wake up, do the things you did to those men, and we-" said Darian before getting interrupted by what felt like an earthquake.

Someone was waking Darian up. In that instant, he and Hypernova understood that the conversation was over. They also understood that they did not have time to think of a better plan.

Darian woke up.

- "I am surprised you managed to sleep." said Edgar.
- "How long did I sleep?" Asked Darian.
- "2 hours and a half. Your family is awake, and you are leaving for your home soon. Get up and join me at the door when you are ready."

Darian was relieved. It looked like he would not die in the next few minutes. He executed Edgar's orders, and Edgar took him to the roof, where a helicopter was waiting. Inside the helicopter were his mother, Ivan, Ivan's mother, and a girl who looked like she was barely 18 with long platinum blond hair and red eyes. They all looked at him in silence. Darian was excited to see his family again. But the atmosphere was heavy, and he decided to sit silently. Edgar sat next to him and said :
-"Let's go."

To Darian's surprise, Edgar and that unknown woman were apparently going home with them.
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